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Rule of Photo contest;

🤑Enter for a chance to win
💫 There will be two winners (A girl and A boy) And each will be receiving Rs. 3000

How to participate in this contest?🤔
– Send us your clear photo.
– Send us your details (Name & Address)
– Like our page and Invite your friends to like this page.
– Last date of photo submission is 20th December

You can also put your photo in the link below in the website itself. We will add the logo and upload in the facebook page of Fashionktm and share you link.

Vote Count: ✨
1 Like = 1Vote
1 Comment = 1Vote
1 Share = 5Votes.

ADDITIONALLY: VOTING WILL ALSO BE DONE ON OUR WEBSITE, tell your friends to go visit our website fashionktm.com and vote there ❤️

Visit to fashionktm for more on fashion trends and styles;


Fashionktm photo contest 2020

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