how to wear black during summer

Anu Manandhar

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Black is the nicest of all the colors no matter what the time of year, but it tends to lose its popularity in the summer. I’m here to show you today that you can still wear black in the summer! When choosing to wear black in these super hot months, I just make sure that I’m always choosing lightweight and breezy fabrics! I also like to mix black with other colors, but the breeziness of the fabric is really most the important thing to keep in mind when choosing black pieces for the summer.


I feel like a broken record sometimes because the right fabric choice is everything. Whether you’re dressing for summer, or fall, or attending a black-tie wedding, the fabric really truly can make or break your look. For wearing black in the summer, it really is ALL ABOUT THE FABRIC. You’ll be miserably hot if you’re wearing a black dress that’s polyester just because it’s in your closet. Keep that polyester black dress for winter! And instead, grab the breathable more natural fabrics that are meant for the heat like linen and cotton. Even cotton blends are fine too.

This will help you stay cool while wearing such a dark shade that can sometimes make you a tad hotter. And, a great way to do this in the summer is with a pair of black denim shorts. Give me denim shorts all day long. The best way to wear black in the summer without having to think because the fabric is already on your side!


I think the hardest part that people have with wearing black clothing in the summer is what color to pair with it. Depending on your personal style, you may love adding some fun bold colors like neons and bright colors. I think that pairs perfectly with black when everything is in light and airy fabrics too. For me and my personal style, I really like to stick to minimal and classic color combinations. Give me black with cognac leather accessories. Sandals, a belt, and a straw hat. It’s all the best neutral summer pieces paired with black for an instant summer outfit that’s totally chic. I also love a classic black and white combination. White denim shorts paired with black gladiator sandals and a simple black cotton tank, and you’ve got a sleek look that’s comfortable and breathable for hot days.


You can truly take one black cotton t-shirt dress and change it up for each season and it would be appropriate if don’t right. So when wearing black, even if it’s not a piece that screams summer, you can make it summer appropriate by accessorizing the right way for summer. Straw and woven bags, strappy sandals, and so on. Leave the chunky sneakers in the closet along with the leather bags. This will ensure you look the part for summer!


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