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You may still feel conscious about looking outdated when wearing vintage clothing. To rock a vintage look without seeming like a time capsule, you should consider pairing retro pieces with modern dress. Mixing and matching new and old styles is a great way to exercise creativity and make your outfits look more attractive. If you’re planning to inject some vintage charm into your looks, here are some tips for wearing retro apparel while staying chic and fashion-forward.

Go Vintage for Your Basics

The safest option for mixing and matching old and new styles is to go for vintage basics. Thrift stores and secondhand shops are great places to find retro essentials such as silk shirts, A-line skirts, and denim jackets. You can pair items like these with sneakers, graphic tees, boots, and high-waist pants and dresses to add a modern flair to your vintage look.
One of the most timeless and versatile retro ensembles is the 1960s mod look. To achieve a modern take on this aesthetic, you can opt for a simple A-line or shift dress and pair it with woman’s tights. During the ‘60s, stockings were popular and often paired with tall boots, pumps, flats, and strappy heels.

Wear Vintage-Style Apparel with Authentic Items

The challenge of limiting your whole outfit to vintage clothes is that they can give off a dated impression and make it seem like you’re wearing a costume. However, you can work around this by merging authentic vintage items with pieces that mimic retro styles. Vintage-inspired apparel usually integrates modern fits, materials, and details so that they can suit the current era better while still evoking the essence of the intended decade.
Go for an ‘80s revival look by wearing authentic neon windbreakers or mom jeans with a pair of chunky white sneakers. Adding a real retro item to your outfit and styling it based on current trends can make your look feel both timeless and effortlessly cool.

Mix Formal and Casual Items Together

Vintage fashion—especially fashion from before the ‘80s—leans more toward semi-formal and formal wear. If you’re planning to incorporate styles from such eras, you can tailor your look around that balance between casual and formal wear. For example, you may want to pair a basic white tee with a 1970s pencil skirt or leather jacket for a glammed-up yet laid-back kind of look.

Experiment with Different Eras

If you’re feeling a little bold, you can opt to mix and match items from different eras. Wearing clothes from various eras can be hard to pull off, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. For instance, ‘70s-style flared denim perfectly complements platform heels that were all the rage in the 1990s. In addition, vintage dresses with polka dot or plaid patterns can look good with canvas sneakers or sandals that were trendy in the ‘90s and are making a comeback today.
The rule of thumb when mixing clothing from different style eras is to simply try the outfit on and assess whether your pieces seem to be overpowering each other. Play around with different items until you achieve the perfect combo.

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