Stay warm and stylish in winter.

Stay warm and stylish in winter.


Winter and Style may appear contradictory for most of the people reading this article. Many people might think how can one turn stylish, when covered top to bottom to resist the harshness of nature?

After checking out dressing possibilities in harsh winter, we don’t like to brag, rather speak realistically in Nepalese budget as winter outfit prices might seems quite daunting for some. So here are the ways that you can style different outfits in winter and still appear more elegant and fashionable than ever.

Thermal Tights/ Thermal Inners/ Stockings

Prevent the winter chill reaching your body and pricking you by  Wearing thermal tights depending on your choice. Different types of thermal inners and stocking are available. You can choose either transparent or opaque. Ensure that it complements the dress you plan to wear and it doesn’t impact the appeal of it. Choosing the right quality thermal inners will keep you warm without making you appear bulky.


Tall boots, with sharp high heels or a flat heel according to your selection, will add to your looks. The boots may be of knee-length and adequately tight. So add the final touch to your outfit with the right footwear. Tall boots will amplify your elegance enormously.

Long Socks above knee

Socks are an essential part of the dressing. The cold affecting your sole can affect your health. Using long socks will be helpful in protecting you from cold and, at the same time, keeping you stylish. This will automatically enhance your looks plus u can even pair this with short dresses.

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Trying out an embroidered or plain scarf that matches your dressing even be a good idea. Although it seems simple, scarves will make the looks more stylish than you think. Check out a stylishly dressed person next time, and you will find that scarf has played an important role.

Layers of Dresses

Layering can be one of the best method to not only mix and match different outfits together but will also keep you safe from immense cold. There are not hard and fast rule for layering

You can Start with a basic lightweight neutral-colored top. Add another layer such as a soft knit — cardigan or jumper — or a float overdress or top. Next add outer layers such as a jacket or coat. Finally, top off your outfit with accessories — scarves, necklaces or bracelets. The key is to find items you can layer discretely under trendier pieces, so you stay warm and still look fashionable.

Invest In Long Coat

A long overcoat will keep you warm and leave you looking polished. It’s an absolute investment piece. Long coats will totally embrace you, and will surely keep you warm and toasty.

it’s very easy to make an outfit with it  one of my favorite approaches is to just throw the coat over a simple long sweater and a pair of over knee boots – the result is amazing. Such a combination can also work in a formal meeting or event.


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