Style Tips to Dress better

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Style Tips to Dress better

Style tips to help you hide “problem areas” and gain more confidence. Here are the few basics foundational advice to get you on the right track with fashion.

1. Don’t buy or keep something that doesn’t fit.

Don’t buy something which does not fit You. Just buy the right fit unless you have a tailor or speed dial.

2. Avoid rushing the process

Just because something is on heavy discount don’t end up buying everything which you don’t need . Avoid the habit of massive shopping and which will eventually lead to lose your own style.

3. Don’t give up

I know it might be frustrating when I are try an outfit and you don’t get the response you want .But, it can take a few times to conquer a new trend or style. The more you try it, the more success you will have, and in turn, the more authority your style will hold.

4 Don’t come out of your comfort zone

Don’t try to dress up just because someone else has done the same thing. Everyone has different body shapes and everyone has their own don’t go out of box and leave your comfort zone just to be noticed.

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