Up cycled fashion accessories

    Up cycled accessories

    Up cycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new products of a higher environmental value.. In the simplest terms, up cycling is the practice of taking something that is throwaway and re purposing it into something of greater utilization and intrinsic worth, in its second life, which is what we do here at Up cycle Products.

    The point of up cycling textiles and fashion is for the reduction of landfill mass with its associated materials waste and emission burden, as well as the slowing down of unnecessary virgin textile production by the effective recovery and recycling of textile and fashion waste..

    Our planet has a lot of people on it — and we produce a lot of trash. As our population is  growing day by day, and in turn we are creating more garbage — where does it all go? Instead of filling up our landfills with more waste, it’s important that we take the time to recycle more and upcycle more.

    Sabah Nepal, the social business organization which is famous for actively working for the the home based workers and promoting the craftsmanship on Nepali natural textile like Dhaka, Allo (Nettle). In the other hand Sabah Nepal is also works for sustainable fashion, active in designing various lifestyle products and accessories using the leftover, side cuts fabrics. These materials are being used for the lining of their products.
    This is how Sabah Nepal is producing minimal waste from the factory, & a best example for sustainable fashion.


    Allo and Nepali dhaka, clutch

    Allo and Nepali dhaka, clutch



    Allo and Nepali dhaka, clutch



    Bag made of Allo & Dhaka



    Bag made of cotton & side-cuts , denim


    A perfect bag for daily purpose


    Bag made of cotton & side-cuts , denim

    Location: The village cafe, Jhamshikhel
    Picture credit: Amrit Maharjan
    Ask why before you buy!!!
    Lets invest some time and effort to save our land- recycle & up cycle!!
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