Shopping for fashion on a budget

Shopping for fashion on a budget

Mastering the art of mixing textures and patterns is one of the keys to looking expensive on any budget. Whether one is looking to spruce up their wardrobe for summer or simply needing to pass the time while stuck at home, here are some tips for shopping for clothes on a budget.

1)Establish a budget

Personally, I struggle the most with this step. I want to go shopping, but realistically, I do not have the money to buy some of the things that I am wanting. So, I would recommend creating a list and/or spreadsheet of all the monthly costs that you have. For example, consider monthly housing costs, transportation, food, personal insurance, health care, all other expenditures, entertainment, and/or cash contribution. This will help to establish a budget, so when you go shopping, you are not constantly checking bank statements and/or mobile bank apps.

2)Shop with cash

Taking cash with you while shopping will ensure that you do not go over budget. However, you may be thinking, “but, I have my debit and credit cards with me.” I would suggest leaving these cards at home, as it will keep you within the amount in your wallet. Now, I know some people may not feel comfortable doing this. If that is the case, you have to make sure that you have self-control.

3)Start at low-end retailers

Before you go shopping, make sure to do some research and find retailers that are reasonably priced. If you are on a budget, it is important to not go to retailers that are pricey. It is important to shop within budget as it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on clothes one might only wear once.

4)Buy quality clothing items

Have you ever heard of quality over quantity? This stands true when purchasing clothing pieces. I know that many of us would prefer to have a lot of something, rather than one really good quality clothing piece. Yet, it is important to remember that good quality will last a lot longer than having a lot of clothes that are of lesser quality and fall apart easier. Remember, just because something is expensive, does not mean that the quality is better than less expensive items. When shopping, look at the tags that show the materials of the clothing pieces. Sometimes, you can tell if something feels cheap. Use your judgment when looking for good quality clothing pieces.

5)Wait for discounts

There are many of us that love discounts. All year long, stores have various discounts. It is important that you are constantly looking out for stores to put their merchandise on sale. There are so many sales all year long, so sales would be hard to miss. Discounts can not only save money, but they can also fulfill the urge some may have to purchase large quantities of clothing, as they would also be saving money.

6)Buy For Opposite Seasons

You may be confused by this one, so let me explain. It is better to purchase fall and winter clothing pieces in the spring and summertime, as the weather is warmer and, these pieces will most likely be on a major sale. Purchasing clothing pieces that are not of the current season can provide for discounted pieces that can be used in a matter of weeks to months. This would not only save money at the time of purchase but limit the need to buy later.

7)Shop the basics

When shopping, basics tend to be less expensive. Make sure to have a good white, black and/or tan basic tee in the closet. Also, I would suggest having a cardigan and/or a hoodie, as these are good basics that one can dress up or down. If you are having trouble finding a good outfit, basics can make styling an outfit easier. Personally, I would start with basics when you are shopping as they are also typically reasonably priced.


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