How do I look slimmer ?

How to look slimmer?

How do I look slimmer ?

Everyone loves to look fit and slim and look their best self .Here are some of the general ways which u can apply which will eventually help you too look slimmer
1. Invest in Shape wear they actually work. They help eliminate bulges that can distract from your overall outfit . And they can help define your waist, which helps you achieve better proportions overall.
2. Looking slimmer is sometimes just about elongating your body, and in essence, looking taller ( think about a lot of runway models). One way to look taller is to wear an all-black outfit. This creates a long vertical line and makes you appear both slimmer and taller. Darker shade tend to work better as they have a natural slimming effect.
3. Also opt for a heel with a low-cut vamp. What is a vamp you ask? It’s the portion of a shoe that cuts across your foot. So a low vamp would cut across the base of your toes like the below image. This elongates your legs and makes them look slimmer.
4. Use stripes as an asset. Vertical stripes are your friend. visual line down your body makes you appear longer. Most people stay away from horizontal stripes because they can be trickier to pull off, but if you have a great horizontal blouse or dress, try it on in front of the mirror and take pictures. It could be as easy as adding a belt to your dress or opting for a pair of high-rise jeans to have a better thirds proportion.
5. High-rise jeans and pants are your friend. Now, you must find a pair of jeans or trousers that fit you- meaning you don’t have to suck in to button or zip them. But when you wear high-rise jeans they help elongate your lower half and you appear taller. You want your high-rise pant to hit just above your belly button for the easiest proportion hack.
6. Have good posture. Standing up straight helps your proportions and your clothes sit properly. Having a good posture helps you grow your self-esteem and hence your confidence to face the outside world.

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