Nepali Sustainable & Ethical Brands

Nepali Sustainable & Ethical Brands

Nepali Sustainable & Ethical Brands

When one thinks about fashion, words like glamour, style, trend, etc. immediately strike the mind rather than words like sustainable, Eco-friendly or ethical. However its time to question the fashion industry or the brand you wear  how sustainable and ethical it is?  Ethical and sustainable fashion has been gathering momentum globally in the past decade.

Ethical and sustainable fashion is an approach towards sourcing, manufacturing and designing clothes & accessories which maximizes the benefits to the industry and society at large, at the same time minimizes the impacts on the environment. Ethical means something that is morally right and acceptable.

Today, sustainability is a way of doing business rather than just a concept. Brands like Stella McCartney and NOIR are the pioneers of ethical and sustainable fashion. Now many companies have embraced the concept of sustainability and have implemented it in the business. These companies have understood that integrating social and environmental issues with business will yield long term benefits to the company.

Here are few Nepali brands which have embraced the concept.

Sabah Nepal

Sabah Nepal, the social business organization which is famous for actively working for the the home based workers and promoting the craftsmanship on Nepali natural textile like  Dhaka (made of cotton), allo- Himalayan nettle, bamboo, cardamom, cotton, silk. . Sabah provides various training and organizes different skill development programs to the home-based worker and ladies because of which they will directly be benefited financially and socially.
 In the other hand Sabah Nepal is also works for sustainable fashion, active in designing various lifestyle products and accessories using the leftover, side cuts fabrics. These materials are being used for the lining of their products.
This is how Sabah Nepal is producing minimal waste from the factory, & a best example for sustainable and ethical fashion.


HATTIHATTI aims to empower women from marginalized communities in Nepal through education and skill development trainings. They are more into upcycled fashion which helps reuse old materials that would otherwise end up in landfills.  I personally  love what HattiHatti is doing as I myself designs and sew upcycled products. They have everything from men’s ties to hair scrunchies, cute statement tote bags, kimonos, tops, even gowns made from old  recycled silk saris.
Bang on!! to both sustainable and ethical concept.

Danfe Works

Danfe is a livelihood project in response to the earthquake in Nepal in 2015. The program enrolls young women who have been affected by the earthquake & post-earthquake.
Its a clothing company that makes all of their items in Nepal with the concept of get local, go local. They’re part of SAATH which is an organization that was formed to help women in marginalized communities. Danfe Works offers a clothing line as well as custom designs. Through skills of tailoring, leaderships and other different training programs Danfe seeks to empower young independent women in their own community.
Black lehenga choli

Black lehenga choli Danfe

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Bora Studio Nepal

Bora Studio Nepal is unique sustainable fashion brand that works with the theme “Quality not Quantity”. Bora Studio brings a modern simplicity through their fashion and lifestyle products. Every fabric is hand picked, ethically, from local manufacturers around Nepal. The natual recyclable fabrics like silk, allo (nettle), bamboo are widely used. The best part of the brand is they uses natural dyes to color the cloth and uses natural leaves, flowers, roots to bring up lively patterns onto the fabrics. Their products resembles the practices of every day life, embracing the local culture and tradition with a story on each products.

Link for visiting Bora Nepal;

Ekadesma- tales of Nepali craft

Ekadesma means ‘once upon a time’ in Nepali. They tell stories of Nepal through graphic tees and homewares, and their unique clothing line. The materials  they use are hand-woven by underprivileged women in the community. Each item is made from 100% natural materials like cotton, bamboo and hemp which are grown by local farmers in Nepal. From start to finish, each item is entirely hand-made in Nepal, which makes this company unique.


Click link for Ekadeshma

The fashion brands  which  shows transparency in sourcing, manufacturing, designing and other processes, and produces without any harm to the environment definately have long and sound future.
Hope it was informative, to know more about the brand please go through the link given right on the to description.
I will definitely come up with something knowledgeable and useful next time
Will shine one day !!
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